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Heating Repair FAQ

Does Dead Thermostat Batteries Impact Your Furnace?

Have you ever wondered how important the batteries in your thermostat are to the operation of your furnace?  The HVAC Experts are there to explain why it's critical to have working batteries.

If the batteries in your thermostat are no longer operational, then your furnace will not work properly.  This is due to the batteries serving two purposes.  The first being to power the display so that you see the current settings on the stat and to just them accordingly.

Second (and more importantly) the batteries power a relay that sends low voltage (24 vac) back down to the furnace to signal the circuit board to engage the desired services. If the batteries are not providing enough power the relay will not remained closed. Especially for air conditioning, where 2 relays need to be engaged, 1 for the condenser (outside) and the other the fan (inside).  

If you think this is the cause of your furnace not working properly, replace the batteries on your thermostat.  If this does not work, then call an affordable heating service for furnace repairs.

Source: https://top.quora.com/If-the-batteries-in-a-thermostat-are-almost-dead-will-the-furnace-not-work-properly

What are the Stages of Operation in a Boiler?

Trying to find the source of your boiler problem before calling an HVAC service for boiler repairs? The easiest way to identify what could be the problem is seeing where the boiler stops working during its stages of operation.  The best HVAC Contractors are here to help.  
Since a boiler operates through fuel combustion, heat transfer and energy release, the stages of combustion are typically described as follows:

Standby: boiler is ready to meet demand.

Call for Heat: system pressure or temperature has fallen below a pre-determined set point.

Safety Check: A series of self-tests are performed to insure the boiler is safe to operate (water level, gas pressure, electrical status, etc.).

Pre-purge: a forced draft fan or blower is used to force air through the furnace or combustion chambers to remove any potential unburned fuel that might be present.

Pilot Ignition: fuel and air are mixed and forced through a small pilot flame tube where a spark is generated to ignite the fuel.

Pilot Flame Trial: a flame sensor is used to make sure a strong, sustainable flame has been developed.

Main Ignition: Fuel and air are mixed and forced through a burner nozzle and are ignited by the pilot flame. Main combustion continues at various rates - low to high fire - until the system set point pressure or temperature is met.

Post Purge - the forced draft fan or blower is run to remove any potential un-burned fuel from the furnace or combustion chamber.

Boiler goes into standby mode until temperature or pressure falls below the set point.
The above assumes a gas and/or liquid fueled boiler. Solid fueled, waste heat and other boiler types may vary.  If your boiler is not working properly or stalling during a step-in operation, call the HVAC Experts for affordable heating services.
Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-stages-of-boiler-working

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Furnace Repairs

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Residential and Commercial Heating Service Troubleshooting

Why Would My Gas Furnace Suddenly Stop Blowing Air?

The Heating and Cooling Experts have a few troubleshooting tips to help you identify what kind of heating repair you need to get your furnace working properly.  The list should be done in the order listed to help eliminate any false positive indications.

furnace maintenance plans

  1. Switches: Check all of the high limits, safeties, and flame roll out switches.  If you find one that is defective, you can easily purchase them for $20-$30 each.
  2. Check that the flame sense current is good, should be >3 micro amps.
  3. Tap into the furnace’s vacuum switch airline and measure the pressure change.  You will need to use a differential pressure gauge that measures in inches water column. If it should be enough to trigger the switch and it doesn't... bad pressure switch. If it isn't enough to trigger the switch or comes up slowly (below rated pressure... usually 0.10" to 0.25" w.c.)
  4. Look at a plugged pressure ports especially on condensing furnaces.  Also look for bad bearings on the draft inducer fan, which is the little one mounted in the control cabinet. Fan ports plugging up on condensing furnaces isn't an uncommon problem. 
  5. Check the amp draw on the draft inducer fan (usually 0.9 to 1.2 amps rated) actual draw should be at least 0.1 amp less than nameplate rating when running.furnace service plans
  6. Lube the bearings (front and rear) on that draft inducer fan.  If that cures the problem, it's strictly a temporary fix and the fan and pressure switch both need to be replaced.  Make sure to call an HVAC Expert in your area to have a furnace repair estimate completed to get either a furnace repair or a fast furnace installation to correct the problem permanently. 
  7. If all these tests pass (any residential or commercial HVAC contractor should need a max of 1.5 to 2 hours) the control board is intermittent.
  8. Note that if the furnace is over 10 years old it's entirely possible to have several components fail in quick succession.  Replacing the one that is causing the immediate problem will get it working again.  It may only last for a few weeks, but it will work.  At this point it may make more sense to look at having a furnace installation estimate done by an affordable heating service.
  9. Also note that if your furnace is less than 85% efficiency rated you may well be much better off replacing it with a 95% efficient unit. It's fairly easy to go over 50% the cost of replacement and still have old components in it.

boiler maintenance plans

It is always a good idea to have a furnace service plan to keep your furnace running at it’s best.  This will help keep furnace repair costs low because you are finding the problems early on before they become expensive emergency furnace repairs.  Contact the Heating and Cooling Experts today for more information on our residential and commercial heating services.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-would-my-furnace-not-blow-any-air-after-it-was-just-working

Emergency Heating Repairs

boiler service plans

The regular cleaning of any machine or equipment makes it more durable, efficient and long lasting. This premise stays true for your residential or commercial boilers.  Your gas boiler is central to the heating of your home or business so it’s important to take care of it to keep it working properly.  When you have a boiler installation completed, you should already be thinking about what kind of boiler maintenance plan you want to invest in to keep your boiler clean and reduce heating repair costs over time.  The HVAC experts recommend having even having the pipes attached to the boiler to be cleaned routinely with high pressure air or water to remove any short of clogging for proper water supply, rust and other layers from inside of boiler for proper heating. If you don’t clean your boiler for 2 continuous seasons then the boiler’s efficiency decreases, costing you more money every day you use it.  Your boiler will start taking additional time to heat up and you may find that your water supply is no longer at full capacity.  At this point it is too late for regular boiler maintenance, you need to contact an affordable heating service in your area to conduct boiler repairs, hopefully before you find yourself needing a more costly emergency boiler repair.
Fast Furnace Installation

This is why investing in a regularly scheduled boiler service plan is as important as maintaining personal hygiene. Any heating equipment such as a boiler or heater comes with an expected life span. If you use it wisely and do not push it beyond the specified limits, you can easily add years to its life. When water heats up inside the boiler, the dissolved minerals and salt dissociate and stick to the boiler tank and pipes. This can cause blockage issues in the long run. However, if you are cleaning your boiler over certain intervals, you are not only enhancing its efficiency but also preventing expensive boiler repairs. You are also preventing the need to have a boiler installation completed for a new system.

Affordable HVAC Installation

Here are just some of the reasons why it is important to have a Boiler Maintenance Plan:

  1. Boiler repairs can cost thousands of dollars if the breakdown is caused by a major part of the boiler.
  2. Corrosion starts to build in the boiler over time.
  3. Regular boiler maintenance can extend the life of the pressure vessel, saving you from needing to invest in a boiler installation.
  4. Proper inspection and boiler servicing plans prevents dangerous operating conditions from developing in the first place.
  5. Continuous maintenance will help to prevent common accidents
  6. Regular servicing will help to maintain the optimum operating efficiency and safety of boiler facilities
  7. Boiler maintenance reduces operating costs, saving you money in the long run.
  8. Regular timely servicing of boiler reduces energy costs.

Boiler Installation

Boiler repair service is extremely important for both commercial and residential operations in your area. Without a functioning boiler you can end up with cold offices, hospital, schools and homes.  Most people skip their annual service check because they either don’t want to spend the money on a boiler service plan or they don’t want to spend the time finding an affordable heating service to complete the work.  Unfortunately, this mindset is shortsighted since non-serviced boilers increase your fuel cost every day they are used, costing you more money in the long run than just getting a residential or commercial heating service to complete the preventative work.

Heating repair

Here are a few HVAC Expert Tips on Common Boiler Repair Problems:

Some of the most common issues that you will see with your boilers would be low water levels, indoor regulator breakdowns, and lack of power going to the boiler.  This is just a small portion of the possible problems you could see that would cause you to need a heating repair quote from a residential or commercial heating service in your area.

Since there can be such a large number of reasons why a gas boiler can become non-useful, it is essential to have a regularly scheduled boiler service plan that can maintain your boiler to prevent these minor boiler repairs from becoming emergency boiler repairs.  Gas boiler service plans ought to incorporate indoor regulator checks, water filling, weight checks, carbon monoxide checks, and a great deal more.

Boiler Repairs

A professional residential or commercial HVAC contractor will make a point to check circuit breakers and wire controls for any issues. Here and there, the boiler may have a blown circuit. All of these factors can be dealt with typically during the routine boiler maintenance plan checkup.

Any boiler repairs that need to be done to the boiler’s water circulator should only be conducted by a HVAC expert.  The problem is most likely being caused by a faulty pump which would require a new boiler pump seal installation.  This could become dangerous with the existing water in the boiler, so it is highly recommended not to attempt this type of heating repair on your own.

Heating and Cooling System

The other benefit of having a professional residential or commercial heating service conducting a boiler maintenance plan is that you will have an affordable heating service who is familiar with your boiler and your boiler service history.  This will help with getting faster, more accurate heating repair quotes, boiler repairs, and even boiler installations when needed.  It will also help make sure if you do have an emergency boiler repair it is more likely they will be able to solve the problem during the first trip because they have previous experience with the condition of your HVAC system.

If you are in your area and looking for an industry trusted residential or commercial HVAC service, give the Heating and Cooling Experts a call.

Furnace Repair Estimate

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-important-is-boiler-cleaning-and-repair-service

Heating Repair Quote

Want to Reduce Your Need for a Furnace Repair Estimate?

Emergency Furnace Repair

The HVAC Experts are here with a few Furnace Maintenance Tips to help you avoid costly emergency heating repairs this winter.  To keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, these few simple maintenance procedures you can perform on your own before having to call a professional residential or commercial heating service in your area.

  • You should replace the air filter at least twice a year; a dirty air filter will restrict airflow causing the furnace blower system to work harder, which increases energy consumption and can lead to premature component failure.  This simple step can help you avoid unnecessary furnace repair costs and the premature need for a furnace installation estimate to replace your old unit.
  • Once a year, you should clean out the interior of the furnace using a vacuum with a long attachment; every few years, consider hiring professional HVAC Service to clean out your home duct work. This is also recommended following any home renovations or if there is evidence of mold growth or animal infestation.  This service is likely included in a routine furnace service plan or a boiler maintenance plan.

Residential HVAC Service

  • To maintain good airflow, make sure the home’s venting core registers are free of obstructions. The space around your furnace should always remain well ventilated. If the furnace is located in a closet, there should be space left at the bottom of the door, to ensure proper air flow.  This will help reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace’s components, helping you avoid heating repair costs and emergency HVAC repairs.
  • Before the weather turns cold, you should turn on your furnace and monitor the system's thermostat to ensure it's working properly. Check for any air leaks in the duct and use duct tape to seal; you may also consider using expanding foam to seal up the holes around your home's exterior and make sure the windows are well caulked or have adequate weather-stripping.  This will help reduce the amount of time your furnace is actively running and how many times it has to run a cycle.  This not only will help maintain your furnace’s efficiency, but it will save you money on a monthly basis.

Emergency Boiler Repair

  • Safety should always be a top priority before doing any furnace maintenance or furnace repairs. Make sure the power supply to the furnace has been switched off and keep any flammable products, such as gasoline, paint, or paint thinners away from your furnace and boiler heater. Since the air exhausted through the flue contains toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide; carbon monoxide detectors should be installed near the bedrooms and have their batteries checked regularly.

I hope these simple tips will help you with your furnace maintenance plan questions.  For more information or to schedule a HVAC maintenance plan customized to your needs, call the best HVAC contractors today!

Emergency Heating Repair